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At what age should my child start training at Kratos?

We typically start training athletes as young as 5-7 years old. The greatest leap in athletic formation takes place from ages 5-13.  Our training will provide your young athlete with a strong foundation that they can build on throughout their athletic careers.

We focus on movement mechanics and proper lifting technique.  Training will help promote growth and is perfectly safe for kids to engage in.  Training will improve a whole host of effects such as:

  • Speed, agility, quickness, automated movement skill/footwork
  • Coordination, balance, and body control
  • Basic movement patterns/principals
  • Core strength and physical development
  • Mobility, stability, and flexibility (MO-STAB-LITY)
  • Nervous system development (the younger you start the more this is improved)
  • Trains brain for goals in which to grow the body
  • Joint formation
  • Spinal development

CONTACT US to talk more about getting your child started with performance training.

How do I work Kratos around my high school program?

At Kratos we modify our programs to work with and enhance high school weights programs. Ideally, we would like Kratos to be the only training sessions that your athlete is attending to see maximum results but we are willing to adapt to any situation for the benefit of the athlete. We are also willing to contact high school coaches and ensure we are on the same page.

Learn more about our High School Sports Performance program HERE.

Do you offer private (individual) & semi private training services? How does it work?

We offer our private and semi-private training.  Private training is working individually with a coach or creating your own semi-private group. You create your own schedule and take a more individualized approach to your training.

Learn more about private & semiprivate training HERE

Does Kratos offer nutrition services?

We offer FREE basic nutritional & supplement information for a variety of goals. You can request this information from a coach at any time. We also offer one-on-one nutrition services with our nutritional partner Eleat Nutrition. See our nutrition tab on this site or click HERE to schedule an appointment today.




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